Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age requirement for a Chrysalis Flight?

"Chrysalis is open to upper high school students, 15 to 18 years of age from any Christian denomination".

Does this mean a person that has completed their freshmen year of high school in June can attend a Chrysalis Flight being held in July of the same year?

Yes, they can.

Can a person who graduated in June still attend a flight in September?

Yes, they can.

My 19-year-old daughter is a senior in high school. Can she attend a Chrysalis Flight?

Yes, she can.

A friend has invited my 14-year-old daughter, a sophomore, to attend a Chrysalis Flight. Should l let her go?

We would encourage her to wait until she is 15. It has been our experience that most 14 years olds are unable to receive the full benefit of the Chrysalis structure. The maturity level required to assimilate all the material imparted during a Chrysalis event and the discipline required to follow the flow of the weekend are not, as a rule, the characte